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Set #15 Winter Backpacking Bundle**

Set #15 Winter Backpacking BundleThis collection contains one of each of the following:

WINTER BACKPACKING. If you have ever thought about winter backpacking but felt you would be too unprepared? If your answer is yes then this book is for you. How to make your winter backpacking experience safe and enjoyable. An easy-to-read guide covering; choosing the right equipment; setting up camp; winter survival and first aid; backpacking with kids and dogs; and much more. Shillington. 2009. sc. 159 pages.

ALGONQUIN PROVINCIAL PARK BACKPACKING TRAILS MAP. Algonquin Park has three backpacking trails which have been designed for overnight users who wish to spend two or more days hiking and camping in the Park interior. Rules and regulations every backpacker should know and follow are outlined, as well as directions to using the reservation system. Each of the three trails has its own scale and map displaying designated campsites.
The "Planning your trip" section offers helpful hints to ensure an enjoyable trip. 2020/2021.

SNOWSHOES LAPEL PIN. The perfect lapel pin to commemorate your winter visit to Algonquin Provincial Park. 1.5cm x 2cm

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