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Set #10 Ravens**

Set #10 RavensThe Best of the Raven:
This is a collection of short essays from the Park's famous educational newsletter, The Raven. The purpose of this book is to introduce some of The Raven's best articles on a wide variety of topics, since the newsletter began in 1960. Dan Strickland & Russ Rutter. 1996. 220 pages. pb.

The Best of the Raven, Volume Two:
The second book in the collection series. Articles reprinted from the popular and informative Algonquin Provincial Park's Natural and Human History newsletter, The Raven. Strickland. 210 pages. sc. 2014.

The Raven Talks About Wolves:
Essays on wolves from Algonquin Park's popular newsletter, The Raven, 1963-2001
Contains 16 articles about wolves in Algonquin Park, some of which have already been reprinted in The Best of the Raven. New illustrations by Christine Kerrigan. Russell J. Rutter, Dan Strickland. 64 pages. Softcover.

The Raven Talks About Deer and Moose:
Essays on deer and moose from Algonquin Park's popular newsletter, The Raven, 1960-2002
This promises to be a great resource for anyone interested in understanding the biology of these animals and the complex relationships between them.

The Raven Talks About Fish and Lakes:
Essays on fish and lakes from Algonquin Park's popular newsletter, The Raven, 1960-2003
The third book in our series featuring excerpts from our popular Park newsletter, The Raven, this book complements the previous two books covering wolves, and deer and moose. Whether you are an angler, naturalist, teacher, or just interested in a good read, The Raven talks about Fish and Lakes will be a great resource. 56 pages. softcover.

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