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OUT OF STOCK/UNAVAILABLE Set #9 HistoryOut of Stock/Unavailable This set includes the following titles, and when purchased together as Set #9 are offered at a discounted price:

Early Days in Algonquin Park:
This book tells the story of the Algonquin area from its time as a forest wilderness inhabited by native bands to the present Park which is visited by thousands of people from all over the World. This book has been illustrated with over 140 black and white photographs. The author (Ottelyn Addison) used personal memories of her early days in Algonquin Park to increase the reader's appreciation and understanding of Park history.

Algonquin Logging Museum:
Logging History in Algonquin Provincial Park (1.3 km)
Located 54.5 km from the West Gate or 1.5 km from the East Gate along highway 60.
Numbered sections of text in this guide correspond to numbered posts along the trail.
This guide is designed to introduce you to the Algonquin Logging Museum's 1.3 km trail. Your visit to the Logging Museum begins at a staffed reception building. Once outside on the trail, this guidebook corresponds to the numbered exhibit stations along the trail and introduces you to the story of Algonquin Park logging from the early 1830's to the present.

A Chronology of Algonquin Provincial Park:
In this booklet you will find the bare facts and events of much of Algonquin Park's history which are presented in chronological order. References are included so that the booklet may serve as a companion to other reading you may wish to do about Algonquin Park. 32 pages. Roderick MacKay. 2002.

More About The Blacksmith Shop:
This booklet serves as a supplement to the information provided in the Logging Museum Trail Guide. The author shares the technique and tools behind the blacksmith's ability to transform bars of metal into useful items. 32 pages. Roderick MacKay. 1997.

Pictorial History of Algonquin Provincial Park:
Algonquin's natural beauty stands in such contrast to the man-made environment in which we live today, that many of us assume the Park we see now is exactly the way it has always been. People have been associated with this area for over 4500 years, and many of the physical signs are still evident today. An astonishing amount of the Park's history has been recorded on film, and we can still appreciate today such colourful periods as the pioneer loggers, the early rangers, the grand hotels and the railways. This book contains 85 of the best and most representative historical photographs in the Park's archives. Revised and refreshed. 44 pages. Ron Tozer & Dan Strickland. 2012.

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