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OUT OF STOCK/ UNAVAILABLE Destination Algonquin Park**

OUT OF STOCK/ UNAVAILABLE Destination Algonquin ParkJust out! "Destination Algonquin Park-Tracks to Cache Lake and the Highland Inn" by Don Beauprie. This new, 3-part book describes lumberman J.R.Booth's struggle to build his "Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound Railway through the Park, which opened it up to logging and tourism.
In part 2, we learn about the birth, life and death of a grand old wooden hotel-the Highland Inn, with tales of its guests and staff.
Part 3 tells stories about interesting people and places on Cache Lake.
Fully indexed, over 400 illustrations and 291 pages. Priced at $29.95- about a penny a page!

Price: $29.95

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