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Lake Depth Maps of Algonquin Provincial Park**

Lake Depth Maps of Algonquin Provincial ParkAnother new product, these outstanding maps must be seen to be appreciated. With the help of new technology, Park staff have surveyed 24 lakes to produce colour maps showing depth contours as well as describing other key lake characteristics such as fish species present, maximum depth, and other interesting lake features and historical facts. 2015. Greg Betteridge & Brian Monroe. Lakes included in this issue are: Found, Kearney, Costello, Brewer, Westward, Little Crooked, Canisbay, Timberwolf, Whitefish, Tea/Bonita, Source, Cache, Redrock, Two Rivers, Canoe, Rock, Louisa, White Partridge, Happy Isle, Smoke, Dickson, Lavielle, Opeongo(South arm, North arm, East arm, Annie bay)

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