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Algonquin Story**

Algonquin StoryThe Friends of Algonquin Park are pleased to announce the reprinting of Algonquin Story. Written by the late Audrey Saunders Miller (1913 - 1993), this book was first issued in 1946 and served as the only published repository of the Park's early history for twenty-eight years until the late Ottelyn Addison produced her Early Days in Algonquin Park in 1974. An index of people and places mentioned in the text, and new maps have been added. Since the late 1970's when the last copies of Algonquin Story were sold, an entire generation has missed the opportunity to read first-hand tales that were gathered by Audrey Saunders at the end of Algonquin Park's first fifty years. With this reprinted edition comes a remedy. Paperback.

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