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Algonquin Provincial Park Management Plan**

Algonquin Provincial Park Management PlanIt has been 24 years since the first Master Plan was completed for Algonquin Park in 1974. Many things have changed over the years and the various plan reviews have responded to those changes. The first Park Master Plan Review was completed in 1979; in 1986 a special review was completed on private cottage leasehold policy; and the most recent review, in 1989, dealt with an array of more current issues. The new Algonquin Park Management Plan represents a consolidation of official policy for the management of Algonquin. This Plan also reconfirms Ontario Parks' commitment, as detailed in Algonquin's original Master Plan, to protect the natural and cultural features of Algonquin, to maintain the high quality back-country wilderness, and to contribute to the economic, cultural and social life of the region. Algonquin Park remains one of the truly outstanding natural landscapes in Canada. The policies outlined in the Algonquin Park Management Plan will help to ensure that this continues to be the case into the future. 1989.

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